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Different Ways to Consume SuperRed Antiox & SuperGreen pH

May 18, 2016 07:09:49 AM

Morning Kick Start

What’s for breakfast? Whether you are taking your time with a yogurt bowl or trying to beat the clock to work with a smoothie, you can always add SuperGreen pH or SuperRed Antiox! Alkalizing and detoxing in the morning gives you an extra boost, whereas with SuperRed Antiox you are maximizing your antioxidant intake in the mornings!


Sports Drink

Still grabbing that so-called sports drink from the store? Make your own with SuperGreen pH! It contains all the goodness from 24 sources of alkalizing ingredients, which can help to neutralize acid and maintain your body’s natural pH balance. What does that mean? It means it can help to relieve the feeling of tiredness and pain in your muscles!


Simple 4 Steps

Mix 8g of SuperGreen pH or SuperRed Antiox with soymilk, juice, or water. Stir and shake for 20-30 seconds. And there you have it, a no blender cold pressed juice!


Fruit Vinegar

Drinking fruit vinegars has numerous benefits such as weight loss, enhancing immunity, helping with digestion and detoxification. You can also mix SuperGreen pH or SuperRed Antiox into your fruit vinegar routine to boost the health benefits.

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