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Organic Acai Berry Powder

Top Antioxidant Fruit from the Amazon Rainforest
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Country of Origin : Brazil
Unit size(g) : 100

Stay youthful and evergreen with Organic Acai Berry Powder. The Organic Acai Berry Powder is the top antioxidant fruit from the Amazon rain forest which is the perfect tasty addition to your diet. The Organic Acai Berry Powder is the leading superfood to eat for attaining a good-fit figure and for achieving healthy and youthful skin. Add Organic Acai Berry Powder to your diet now and let’s see what will happen next!

  • Ranked top in antioxidant capacity over other superfruits like pomegranate, blueberry and blackberry
  • Freeze-Dried processed ensures the powerful nutrient values of acai berry’s antioxidants, essential fatty acids, protein and fiber are brought to the best
  • Absolutely no fillers or sweeteners

Suggested Use: Mix 1-4 Tablespoons with any liquid (hot or cold), including smoothies, juices, milk, water or tea.  Works well in a wide variety of recipes, from energy bar to ice-cream.

It’s known as the Olive of the Amazon, rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acid (52% of fat is Oleic acid)

Its natural dark purple skin is rich in antioxidants anthocyanin and its antioxidant capacity is higher than other berries. Its ORAC value is 102 700 (ORAC of blueberry is 6552 & cranberry is 9584) a very high ranking value, 15 times that of blueberries.

Rich in fibre, providing 3g/100g of fruit, equivalent to the content of 1 bowl of cooked vegetables.  Acai fibre provides satiety and prevent surging of after meal blood sugar.

Top Antioxidant Capacity against other fruits:

Antioxidant Capacity of  Acai Berry Powder Value of Acai (ORAC)
22x more than Blueberry
24x more than Strawberry
31x more than Goji berry
33x more than Apples
29x more than Oranges
56x more than Red Grape

Source: USDA ORAC of selected food May 2010

Key Feature

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Protects Heart and Blood Vessels
  • Reduce LDL cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Prevent cancers
  • Reduce fasting and post meal blood sugar
  • Reduce High Cholesterol
  • Arthritis

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