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Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder

Item No. : SF01014
Country of Origin : Peru
Unit size(g) : 227g

Cacao Powder – the happy superfood! Its unique nutrient profile helps to elevate mood, keeps you healthy and revitalized. Our raw cacao powder is made from hand-crafted cacao beans from the rainforest in Peru. The intricate dance of aroma and flavor can upgrade your recipes into a lip-smacking antioxidant rich healthy meal.

Suggested Use: Mix 1-2 Tablespoons with any liquid (hot or cold), including smoothies, juices, milk.  Works well in a wide variety of recipes, from energy bar to ice-cream.


Key Feature

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Top Antioxidant Food
  • High in Magnesium
  • Heart-Healthy Food
  • Enhance Mental Well-being

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