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Organic Premium Light Agave Syrup

Item No. :
Country of Origin : Mexico
Unit size(g) : 360ml

Wanting something for all your sugar cravings, which is extremely low glycemic index? Organic Premium Light Agave is the perfect and healthier substitute for sugar, honey and sweeteners. Sink your teeth in any of your favorite desserts with Organic Premium Light Agave Syrup!

  • Low glycemic index – a perfect sweetener for people concerned about blood sugar and anyone who wants long-lasting energy instead of a post-sugar crash
  • Uses of precise processing techniques to preserve the best nutrition values
  • All-natural processing with great taste

Suggested Use: Replace sugar or honey in any culinary preparation. Perfect for desserts, baked goods, teas, smoothies, cereal, oatmeal and over pancakes

3 times lower in sugar content than granulated sugar.  Contains only 3g of sugar per 2 teaspoon which has lower sugar content than normal white granulated sugar that has 8.4g per 2 teaspoon.

Has lower Glycemic Index of less than 30 while white sugar is 68, exerts a blood glucose control effect due to its high fructose content

Is about 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, so can use to achieve the same sweetness while using less agave syrup

Supplementing the diet with iron while enjoying Agave syrup, which has 0.3mg per 2 teaspoon.

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Can reduce using white sugar
  • Better blood glucose control
  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria in gut
  • Against both intestinal and pus-producing bacteria.
  • Can reduce reliance on sweetness or sugar to make things flavourful
  • Easier to reach Iron recommended daily level
  • Topical use as an antibacterial agent in skin infection

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