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Whole Cashews Nuts (Raw)

Yummy Healthy Supernuts Whole Cashews Nuts
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Country of Origin : Vietnam
Unit size(g) : 180

To busy to stop for a meal? Then simply take one bite of Whole Cashews Nuts into your mouth; the delightful crunchy, creamy and rich texture and taste can bring you to heaven whilst satisfying your hunger to refresh your day!

  • A perfect balance of crunchy/creamy texture with fresh flavor
  • A low-crab choice with very low natural sugar content

Suggested Use:   As snack or can be added in cakes, cookies, RAW dessert recipes, smoothies and trail mixes

High in iron having 1.7mg per ounce within 15 cashews which is equivalent to the amount in 130g of pork (cooked, 1.29mg/100g) or 190g of chicken meat (cooked, 0.9mg/100g).

High in magnesium with 73mg per ounce contributing 17% for male and 22% for female of their daily requirement, consisting of 50-60% of weight in bones and soft tissues.

Having 158mg potassium per ounce equals to 2/3 the amount in orange.  Potassium assist in fluid balance and maintain nerve function.

Zinc content amounts to 1.64mg per ounce having taken 1 ounce already achieves 20% of daily need.  Zinc is important for normal growth in childhood, pregnancy and adolescence.

Key Feature:

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Reduce symptoms of anaemia
  • Prevent low in energy and loss of concentration
  • Lowers risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure
  • Alleviate water retention
  • Boost immunity
  • Good for wound healing in skin ulcers
  • Reduce duration of cold symptoms

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