Organic Chia Seeds

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Quinoa Salad with Feta and Chia Seeds

Jan 20, 2015 12:59:46 PM

If you haven’t tried Chia Seeds, they have a really nutty, toasty, sesame seed-ish flavor to them. A Quinoa Salad with Feta & Chia Seeds is a perfect way to start the year healthy and fresh straying away from the regular boring capreses & caesars…
Start by toasting the chia seeds in a dry pan, which will enhance their flavor…

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Acai Berry Banana Superfood Smoothie

Jan 01, 2015 10:14:46 AM

Are you craving a healthy shake right after the gym? We are too! Try out Acai Berry Banana Superfood Smoothie that tops the charts in all smoothies!

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Chia Seeds Lemon Loaf

Nov 14, 2014 12:25:51 PM

Love grows wild, and so do Chia Seeds. Perfect for star ingredient for a hot loaf of Lemon bread, and ideal for the upcoming winter weather. Lemony, moist and naturally sweet Whole Wheat Lemon Bread with an extra boost of nutrients from organic chia seeds you will be the talk of the town as the ‘LEMON LOAF BAKER!’

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Acai Chia Jam

Aug 05, 2014 02:16:41 AM

Jam it up and get the kitchen excited! We all need something not so bland our toasts every morning or crackers! How about creating a sweet yet healthy Acai Chia Jam spread that will get you feeling refreshed and bubbly!

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Chia Energy Drink

Aug 04, 2014 11:33:26 AM

Feeling sluggish? Lazy? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? How about whipping up a Chia Energy Drink to get your metabolism boosted and your energy levels up,up,up,up! All it takes is two quick minutes, simply follow the directions below!

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