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Superfood Breakfast Bowl

Sep 16, 2015 07:54:37 AM

Move over eggs, bacon & pancakes and say hello to a breakfast bowl filled with kale, berries, quinoa, yoghurt and much more! Many of our Superfood bloggers are starting to fall in love with our products to use within a breakfast bowl.

Stocking superfoods in your pantry means healthy meals even when you don’t have the time to think about such things, and bowls are the perfect way to keep you full and energized through the day.

These colourful bowls are packed with superfoods & are home-made with our Superfood products such as our pecans, mulberries, acai berry powder and much more. If you haven’t come across a breakfast bowl before, take a look at our blogger Vangietarian who has some exciting recipes using our products for clean eating every morning.

The appeal of breakfast bowls lie within the various superfoods, berries, nuts and yoghurts you can use to create one. It keeps you full throughout the day and is a way to start your day off sensibly, hence removing the sugary cereals and peanut butters to the back of the cupboard!

Just remember, the danger lies in eating a breakfast bowl for breakfast jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants & flavour then eating whatever you want for the rest of the day. If you do have a healthy hearty breakfast bowl in the morning it will obviously have a health benefit, but if you are to eat rubbish after throughout the day it actually counterbalances it out!

The right nutritious ingredients can help boost and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Eating a healthy brekky has been proven to help with concentration levels and short-term memory, which can maximise your performance levels at work or in your personal tasks.Loading up on a balance of nutrients is great at jumpstarting your metabolism and curbing cravings throughout the day which is good for weight management.

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