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Black Sesame Seeds

Black Sesame Seeds (Roasted)
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Country of Origin : China
Unit size(g) : 120

How can something so tiny be this powerful? Black sesame seeds are one of the first oil seeds known to man, and have been used in cooking as well as traditional medicines for their preventive, nutritive and curative properties for centuries.

These incredible tiny seeds are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, which helps to boost up immune system and promote happy digestion. They are also a rich source of phyto-nutrients with potent health promoting properties. On top of all that, many practitioners recommend Black Sesame Seeds for richer and darker hair.

Add a hand full of delicious, crunchy Black Sesame Seeds to your dishes to experience the pleasant nutty flavor!

  • Contains dietary proteins with fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth, especially for children

Suggested Use: Enjoy a small handful daily as snack or mix into your favorite salad, milk, smoothies, yoghurt or other foods.

It is high in minerals calcium having 291mg per tablespoon almost the amount of 1 glass of milk.  Our daily need is 1200mg, 1 tablespoon achieves 25% of daily need.

High in iron having 4.9mg per tablespoon which is 2 times the amount in 100g of red meat, important for preventing anaemia. Absorbs best with a high vitamin C food.

Contains a building block of protein called methionine, an amino acids which is related to hair pigments.

Good source of unsaturated fatty acids, like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Contains 3g of fibre per tablespoon, same amount as an orange or half a cob of corn.

Key Feature

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Strengthen bone density
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improves immunity
  • Increase vitality
  • Commonly use to prevent white hair
  • Prevent dry skin, and reduces pigmentation
  • Lower LDL cholesterol
  • Protects against colon cancer

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