Benefits of Drinking Green Juice

Dec 02,2019 02:48:09 PM

Benefits of Drinking Green Juice

When you pick juices, do you pick the brightly colored ones and leave the dull greens on the shelf? You probably won’t after you read about the green juice goodness in this post!


  1. Healthy Kick

Hands off that morning coffee! Green juices can give you the same energy boost, if not even better. When veggies are juiced, the natural sugars are separated from the fibers. These natural sugars can raise your glucose level, making you feel more energized.


  1. Quick and Easy

Sick of soggy salads? Juicing is a much more convenient way to help with your veggie intake. Although eating is still a vital way of consuming nutrients, juicing can also help to improve your ability to take in certain nutrients bound up by insoluble fibers.


  1. The Power of Synergy

Some combinations of green fruits and vegetables can provide even more than when on their own. If you consume ad vitamin C rich food like apple together with a plant-based iron veggie, such as kale, it can help your body absorb even more iron.


  1. Readily Available

Got no time to shop for fresh greens and blend? Superfood Lab is here to help! SuperGreen pH7.3 contains goodness from 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and Greens including fruits, vegetables and super foods helps to cleanse and detox. All you have to do is to add juice or water, then stir or shake well!