Chia Seeds, what are they & what’s so important about it?

Dec 02,2019 02:56:58 PM

Chia Seeds, what are they & what’s so important about it?

Chia seeds – this tiny superfood seeds have become the belle of the ball in terms of Superfoods! Reason being, chia is becoming better known as a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fibre, and fortunately it’s an easy food to add to your diet.


Where does it come from?

Chia Seeds come from the mint family in Mexico and Guatamela in the shape of a flowering plant and it has been said that it was an important food crop for the Aztecs. It’s native use is largely knwon in North America and it has been proven to have positive health effects such as boosting energy, stabilizing blood sugar, aiding digestion and lowering cholesterol.


The little seeds that comes in several colors such as dark brown, white or black has a massive nutritional resume such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus!


What’s the big deal?

As an added benefit, chia seeds can be eaten whole or milled, while flax seeds have to be ground before consumption in order to access their health benefits for example.

When you’re buying chia, both the white and black seeds are good choices, but to make sure you’re getting a good quality product by avoiding either red seeds (immature chia seeds).

So once you’ve got your seeds, how to you add them to your diet? The easiest way is to add it to everything and anything.  The seeds are tasteless so they won’t affect the flavour profile of your food, which makes them easy to pop or sprinkle into your meals. They can be sprinkled whole on top of salads or toast or added milled to smoothies!

Don’t forget that our Superfood Chia Seeds reduce food cravings, help you stay hydrated, lower blood pressure & are rich in Omega-3! Perfect to the start of every meal!