Cleanse & Detox- what does it really do?

Dec 02,2019 02:58:28 PM

Cleanse & Detox- what does it really do?

When Hongkongers say they need to cleanse & detox, does that mean just wiping out all the fatty foods from your diet for a couple a days, does it mean going on an all juice diet? What does it really mean?


When we at Superfood Lab talk about “Greens” we often associate this with cleansing and detoxification however, it does lead to the question of what is detoxing and cleansing? As part of our November celebrations of educating those who want to learn about detoxing and cleansing, read below to find out the core explanation.


What is Detoxification and Cleansing?

It is a diet to rid the body of toxins, empty the intestine and cleanse the colon. This  type of diet requires a short period of fasting and then followed by a diet with raw  fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and water. Some even add a variety herb with diuretics to cleanse the colon, emptying all the intestinal waste.


People start to detox and cleanse after they feel affected with binge eating, environmental pollutional, daily stress and fatigue. To flush out these toxins a detox diet usually helps create the hope of eliminating all the harmful bacteria and sluggish body flow through a 3 to 7 day detox plan.



Are there really health benefits?

Detox diet promises or advertise many results, including improved energy level, whole body and soul revitalization. Some detox lovers reported less bloated, feel lighter, clearer skin and increase vitality. However, scientific evidence does not substantiate these claimed benefits.


Most people who stick to a detox diet plan will feel weak, hungry, low blood sugar, fatique and lightheadedness because these diets fail to provide sufficient energy.


A green diet really does the job, however to keep a healthy detox habit simply have a glass of our Supergreen pH7.3 that has 28 types of green involved. The health benefits include:

  • Professional alkalizing formula of super green foods All-in-One to help neutralize acid and maintain the body’s natural pH balance
  • Goodness from 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and Greens including fruits, vegetables and super foods helps to cleanse and detox
  • Fortified with alkalizing minerals – Calcium ,Magnesium & Potassium
  • Plant enzymes and antioxidants
  • Provide prebiotics & probiotics to assist digestive health
  • Dehydrated juice powders are more concentrated resulting in higher nutrient levels than other drying methods