The Nutritional Value in Cooking with Mulberries

Dec 02,2019 04:23:01 PM

The Nutritional Value in Cooking with Mulberries

What are mulberries?

First off, berries are berries right? WRONG! Mulberries actually grow on trees rather than most berries that grow in bushes. The trees are fast growing and produce massive amounts of berries every season so they range from color to color such as deep wine red to white which is the kind Superfood Lab provides! The white variety of mulberries are growing in popularity as a snack superfood around the world. Ours come from Turkey!


So what’s the big deal about cooking with Mulberries?

Mulberries are actually an amazing source of raw food protein- very rare for those coming from the fruit kingdom. The source of magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C (for cold season!) and iron is off the charts incredible and is a great health asset heart health.


The mulberry is an ancient fruit of Asia and is touted for medicinal purposes back in the day.


If you live in the raw food world and love what we have to offer- the Organic Dried White Mulberries are nutritionally significant as well as delicious however they do grow in abundance! Commonly used for dishes such as jam, jellies, smoothies, pancakes, dessert sauces, cobbler and who can forget- mulberry wine?


However if you don’t want to process it over the stove, how about just popping it in a smoothie or trail mix? It goes great as a topping for oatmeal and of course- a handful right of the bag for your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

Go Mulberry Crazy!