The Truth About Cocoa Butte

Dec 02,2019 04:27:20 PM

The Truth About Cocoa Butte

What is Cocoa Butter & is it healthy?

First of all this type of “butter” called Cocoa doesn’t come from a cow, rather it is one of the two major products derived from the cocoa bean. Farmers extract cocoa beans from the inside of the larger cocoa fruit, after the cocoa butter is extracted- the rest of the solids become cocoa powder.

Cocoa butter reunited with cocoa powder to make chocolate, the ultimate goodness of this universe in our opinion. Most of the cocoa butter is seen as off-white or light beige (white chocolate looking) is responsible for chocolate’s form and consistency.


So what’s the healthy part of it?

Cocoa butter consists mainly of palmitic, stearic, and oleic acids. Palmitic acid, a solid, saturated fat, increases risk of cardiovascular disease. Stearic acid, which is also a solid, saturated fat, appears to have a neutral effect, which is uncommon among saturated fats. Oleic acid, meanwhile, is a liquid, monounsaturated fat that decreases the risk of heart disease.

So, to get the best health bang for your caloric buck from chocolate, eat small amounts of dark chocolate – the more cocoa powder per gram, the better.


How to use it?

But use of cocoa butter isn’t restricted to chocolate, or even to food. It’s also a very common ingredient in skin creams and moisturizers. Quick tip, it helps remove stretch marks!