Healthy Nuts & Snacks for Chinese New Year

Jan 20,2020 03:36:30 PM

Healthy Nuts & Snacks for Chinese New Year

Tasty and healthy snacks for CNY

Chinese New Year will begin in less than two weeks, have you prepared all the essentials?

Traditionally a family put a “Candy box” at home, as this “Candy box” implies meaning of putting things together. By putting different snacks together, it symbolizes gathering the luck for the coming year.

A traditional “Candy box” used to contain sweet snacks and nuts, time goes by, there are multiple choices nowadays. Superfoodlab provides wide ranges of beneficial and tasty snacks and nuts which suit for all family members.

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Shelled Whole Walnuts (Raw)

The brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts not only helps to fight memory lost, but also brings positive effects? on mood. The vitamins in walnuts can help supporting good brain health.



Shelled Whole Almonds (Raw)

Almonds are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Its low carbs and high protein characteristics can help increase feelings of fullness which help to lose fat!

Shelled Sunflower Seed (Raw)

Loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The seeds are especially rich in magnesium, which plays an important role in bone mineralization, as well as regulation of skeletal muscle activities.

Super Finger Dried Fruit

Perfect healthy snack alternatives to indulge fussy little eaters and their health-conscious parents. Rich in natural antioxidant elements, helps in brain development.