Still Talking About Losing Weight In 2023? The Trend Has Changed! How To Effectively Gain Muscle & Lose Fat?

Mar 21,2022 03:12:50 PM

Still Talking About Losing Weight In 2023? The Trend Has Changed! How To Effectively Gain Muscle & Lose Fat?

Still Talking About Losing Weight In 2023? The Trend Has Changed! How To Effectively Gain Muscle & Lose Fat?

In recent years, many people have begun to pay attention to health issues, saying that weight loss is outdated! In 2022, the fitness industry will set off a whirlwind of muscle gain and fat reduction. Even laymen who are not professional fitness professionals must have heard of these four-character “big names”. The question is, what exactly is “muscle gain”? Fat loss”? How to effectively gain muscle and reduce fat? Can these two things be done at the same time?

The following article will give you a brief introduction.

In the early years, many people only talked about “weight loss”, so they used many wrong methods to damage their health.

After a lot of scientific research in recent years, people have begun to understand that losing weight is not just about losing weight, but also requires understanding the relationship and mutual influence between muscle and fat.

Gradually, the two words of muscle gain and fat loss appeared. They are often talked about together. In fact, they are not the same concept. Many people misunderstand that as long as you gain muscle, you can lose fat. In fact, the two are different , the exercise and diet you take will be different, so before starting your plan, you must first figure out: Do you want to maintain your current weight, but have more lines? Or are you looking to change your weight so that your overall body looks leaner?

If it’s the former, what you need is to gain muscle, and if it’s the latter, what you need is to lose fat.

Or you may ask, can I lose weight and increase the beauty of lines?

Of course, “muscle gain” and “fat loss” can be a matter of order: muscle gain requires a positive calorie balance to increase muscle mass, that is, more calories are absorbed than consumed, while fat loss is the opposite, where calories absorbed are less than calories Consumption ── Before formulating your fitness plan, you must first figure out your goal, so that you can achieve the most ideal goal in the shortest time.

Are my muscle mass and body fat in the standard value?

Everyone knows that BMI is one of the criteria for calculating whether you are overweight or underweight based on height and weight, but BMI does not calculate the proportion of muscle and body fat. It is not suitable for fitness people to use as a standard to measure whether they are healthy. If you want To calculate your own muscle mass, you can use the value of FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) to measure it. The calculation method is as follows:


FFMI = [weight × (100% – body fat percentage)] / height 2 (m)
Muscle mass reflected by FFMI value
(Source: https://www.thecalculator.co/health/Fat-Free-Mass-Index-(FFMI)-Calculator-794.html)

If your FFMI value is low, don’t be too discouraged, because the lower the value, the faster you can increase your muscle mass! As long as you cooperate with proper exercise and diet, your muscle mass can be improved quickly. Compared with veterans who have been exercising for a while, the road to muscle gain is actually more beneficial for novices!

As for body fat, you can only use a body fat meter to calculate it. Generally speaking, the normal body fat rate of boys should be between 15-25%, and that of girls should be between 20-30%. If it exceeds this value, it is considered body fat. Excessive fat – in this case, it is recommended to reduce fat first, and then carry out training for muscle gain.

30% depend on exercise, 70% depend on diet

After clarifying your general direction, you can start your muscle gain and fat loss plan. First, help the plan to set a clear goal and time, for example: you hope to achieve a certain ratio of muscle mass or body fat within three months rate, but remember that the goal should not be set too aggressively, lest you give up halfway, and also to avoid great changes in the body in a short period of time, which will affect your health.

Those who have experience in weight loss should also know that the calories consumed by exercise are actually very limited. It takes about 7,700 calories to lose one kilogram. If calculated by doing aerobic exercise, it can consume about 350 calories per hour. If you do it every day It takes 22 full days to lose one kilogram of pure fat for 1 hour of aerobic exercise—that is, if you do not change your eating habits and rely solely on exercise, weight loss is a very slow and difficult road.

Therefore, whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, one must keep in mind an important slogan: 30% depend on exercise, 70% depend on diet!

No matter how good your physical fitness is and how much you love sports, your exercise intensity can hardly replace the help of a moderate diet. Only with a diet can you quickly and effectively reach your ideal weight and shape your body. Ideal body.

Use TDEE to help you calculate your daily calorie intake

What are TDEEs? TDEE stands for Totally Daily Energy Expenditure, which is your total calorie consumption: TDEE = BMR + TEA + TEF (total calorie consumption = basal metabolism + exercise consumption + heat production consumption, click here for a computer).

Due to differences in gender, age, and exercise habits, everyone’s metabolic rate and consumption are different. Therefore, TDEE is needed to calculate your total daily calorie consumption. If you want to lose fat, the calorie intake should be higher than your TDEE -10%, if you want to gain muscle, you can eat a little more than your TDEE value, otherwise you can eat as much as the TDEE value. If you use the TDEE value as a reference, you can easily formulate your exclusive menu, and you are not afraid to eat more or less.

In addition, there is another very important key to the diet for increasing muscle and reducing fat, which is the absorption of protein. The protein portion of body weight x 2.2g is an ideal start, especially important for people who want to increase muscle and reduce fat. So, what is the way to absorb protein? Of course, normally speaking, you can absorb protein from your three meals, a piece of chicken, a piece of pork liver, a piece of lean beef, etc., but if you are busy with work or often eat out, you cannot prepare. For a nutritious and balanced lunch──protein powder is your good helper. As the name suggests, protein powder is milk powder containing high protein. The advantages are: fast, convenient, and fast absorption, which can help you take in enough protein.

Therefore, many fitness people will buy protein powder “side by side” for emergencies .

Protein powder recommendation: How to choose protein powder?

Superfood Lab’s Super Slimming Enzyme Protein Powder is a protein powder that combines superfoods, probiotics, plant enzymes and vegetarian protein. Plant protein is good for muscle growth and promotes metabolism. Not to mention vegetarians can also take it, and it is hypoallergenic It is not hot and dry; as for probiotics, they can help control the fat rate, and can also help the body detoxify, strengthen intestinal health, enhance physical function and immunity, etc. It is definitely the first choice for protein powder recommendation.

Superfood Lab’s protein powder is easy and convenient to consume, suitable for busy Hong Kong people.

Method 1: Drink before meals to help control appetite

Mix 1 sachet/2 scoops of protein powder with 250ml of plant milk or milk and stir for 10 seconds to enjoy

Method 2: The choice of meal replacement before and after exercise, to enhance weight loss and firm muscle lines

Mix two sachets/4 scoops of protein powder with 250ml of plant milk or milk. It can be taken as a meal replacement, or before meals or before exercise, to control appetite, increase satiety, reduce calorie intake, and enhance fat loss Effect.

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Gaining muscle and reducing fat is not an easy task, but as long as you master the appropriate method and proceed step by step, I believe that everyone can achieve their ideal weight and body shape. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, why not start today!