Sugar Reduction Or Sugar Reduction: You Who Often Swell, Have You Ever Thought That You May Have Too Much “Sugar”?

Mar 21,2022 03:02:01 PM

Sugar Reduction Or Sugar Reduction: You Who Often Swell, Have You Ever Thought That You May Have Too Much “Sugar”?

[Sugar reduction or sugar reduction] You who often swell, have you ever thought that you may have too much “sugar”?

Many urbanites, especially women, regard weight loss as a lifelong career, but have you ever thought that you may not be fat, but edema? If you notice that your eyes tend to be swollen when you wake up, your limbs are heavy and weak, and you can’t lift your body, then you are troubled by the problem of frequent edema.

Although some people are in the standard range, they always feel that their thighs, abdomen and buttocks are not firm enough. In fact, what you need is to increase muscle and reduce fat, so as to make the body stronger and more beautiful. If you want to get rid of edema, lose weight or gain muscle and lose fat, the sugar-reducing diet is your answer.

Basically, your weight is inseparable from your diet. A high-salt, high-fat, high-sugar urban diet can easily cause the body to absorb too much sugar and salt. , hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Therefore: what you need is to remove excess “sugar” from the body, which is the “sugar reduction diet” that has become popular in recent years. A sugar-reduced diet can help the body detoxify, remove excess sugar and salt, and help us “build muscle and reduce fat” to achieve healthy weight loss.

Know more about sugar reduction diet: sugar reduction or sugar reduction?

Many people know that a reduced-sugar diet is good for the body, but what is “sugar”? How is it different from “sugar”?

Sugar is a food or drink that tastes sweet. As for sugar, it is a general term for all sugar-producing foods. These foods are not necessarily sweet in themselves, but will produce a large amount of glucose after digestion, such as rice, noodles, flour Products, sweet potatoes, young potatoes, taro, chestnut rice, etc. That is to say, reducing sugar can be understood as “reducing carbohydrates”.

Can a reduced-sugar diet reduce weight loss and edema?

As for why a sugar-reducing diet can lose weight and reduce edema, this is because the three major nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fat, are the source of energy for the body, and the order of calorie consumption of the three major nutrients is mainly sugar, followed by fat. When carbohydrates are insufficient, the proportion of fat consumption will gradually increase, and finally protein will be consumed.

Therefore, we reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar. When energy is needed, the body will start to consume stored fat, which can play a role in weight loss and fat burning. Reducing carbohydrate intake can also stabilize our blood sugar level , because in order to absorb the nutrition of carbohydrates, the body needs to break it down into glucose. At this time, our blood sugar will rise and release insulin. The faster these foods are absorbed, the higher the glycemic index (GI value), On the contrary, when we eat a reduced-sugar diet, the secretion of insulin decreases, and the kidneys can excrete excess sodium and water from the body, thereby helping to eliminate edema.

Lose weight without dieting

Since reducing sugar has many benefits, everyone should be able to lose weight and get rid of edema smoothly, as long as the carbohydrates in each meal are subtracted——

In fact, it is not as easy as imagined to completely reduce sugar. Carbohydrates can provide energy and satiety for our daily activities, and most of them are staple foods. Many people will feel energetic if they quit carbohydrates Feeling down or even in a bad mood, and our bodies always need an amount of glucose.

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So, is there any way to successfully reduce sugar without quitting?

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Benefits of SuperHot FatBurn

What is the magic of the super anti-sugar and fat-burning element?
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In other words, with the same amount of carbohydrates, with the help of SuperHot FatBurn grade anti-sugar and fat-burning supplements, you can only absorb about half of the sugar, lower your glycemic index, and reduce your calorie intake by 20%. It is very suitable for you who eat out, have difficulty quitting and want to lose weight!

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