Coffee Lam's Three Principles of Keeping Fit

Coffee Lam's Three Principles of Keeping Fit

Coffee Lam has successfully turned herself from a chubby lady to a curvy mummy, what are her secrets? Let Coffee Lam to reveal her specific ways to keep fit!

1. Exercise regularly
During intense exercise, your metabolic rate increases. The calories of the body are still burning in the post-exercise stage.

2. Don't give up main meals
Have enough food from main meals, so that you will have less desires of snacks between meals.

3. Increase muscles volume
Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, and calories will be burned even the body is in rest.

Coffee Lam chooses SuperSlim Protein as her partner of the journey of keeping fit. SuperSlim Protein aims at repairing and maintaining muscles after workout. And it uses plant-based protein which lowers the chances of getting pimples associated with allergy.

Moreover, Coffee Lam tries to avoid consuming unnecessary sugar. She likes that SuperSlim Protein uses 100% natural ingredients, it has only 79 calories in one cup. Coffee likes to mix SuperSlim Protein with a banana to make a smoothie.

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