Easy ways to block carbs and brighten the skin

Easy ways to block carbs and brighten the skin

Summer has arrived. Do you want to be free from covering up the body and stop avoiding the sun? SuperHot and SuperWhite are the perfect duo tackling these problems.

Blocks carbs and brightens the skin

In our daily diet, if we consume too many carbohydrates, including sweets and starch, it lowers the activeness of collagen and leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

⏬ #Step1 SuperHot Blocks carbs and burns fat

PHGG, a powerful soluble fibre with clinically proven results to reduce blood glucose spike by 50% and 20% fewer calories intake. Lower the intake of carbs is one of the ways to prevent our skin from aging.

Then, by elimination of excess body fluids around the clock and stimulation of thermogenesis to target the unwanted stubborn fat from the belly and waist area.

⏬ #Step2 SuperWhite Blocks UV rays and moistures the skin

Prevent UV rays and freckles

When we direct exposure under the sun without any protection, our skin may appear freckles due to melanin pigmentation. We can protect our skin by wearing a hat, bring an umbrella and applying sunscreen. Moreover, consuming SuperWhite can also help to prevent freckles from within.

With 160% (RDI) high strength Vitamin C per serving derived by orange and acerola cherry to fight against antioxidants and dark spots.

The formula also enables retaining and replenishing long-lasting moisture in the dermal layer by hyaluronic acid. Say goodbye to the dull and dry skin and hello to a rejuvenated healthy glowing skin!