Is chicken breast the only option for muscle building?

The keys to body sculpting: diet and workout. To achieve your desired body shape, having a proper diet can play a vital role. Hence, lots of bodybuilders choose chicken breast for the meal.

Compared to other meats, chicken breasts are rich in protein, low fat and low calories. It can help build and repair muscles, but also it doesn't give us lots of calories.

However, the protein in the chicken breasts can't be digested rapidly during the post-workout 1 golden hour.

The post-workout 1 golden hour, muscles absorb the most nutrients, and glycogen is replaced very efficiently since it was just depleted by the strenuous exercise.

The alternative can be having a protein drink to replenish protein and repair muscles, it also doesn't give burdens to our stomach.

SuperSlim Protein Powder is also high in protein and low fat. It consists of only 77 calories per cup. Plus it formulates with plant-based protein, which is easier for digestion and vegan-friendly.