100% natural. SuperWhite helps to block UV rays from within

100% natural. SuperWhite helps to block UV rays from within

Sunscreen is a must-have item for the summertime, it can prevent the invasion of UV rays. As UV rays harm our skin to a certain extent. However, inevitably we will forget to apply sunscreen sometimes. The SuperWhite UV Block+moisture replenishes Glutathione, our body's natural antioxidant.

Strong UV rays make the skin dry and dull

Expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time, our skin will be damaged by free radiant and melanin might be formed. It can cause our skin aging, dull and dehydrated.

To avoid this happens, we can apply sunscreen, wear a hat or take out the umbrella. And Superfood Lab is offering an alternative solution. Our new product SuperWhite UV Block+moisture is made of a unique formula to fight against melanin and plump the skin.

Natural skin brighten antioxidant - Glutathione

The SuperWhite contains ‘the master of skin whitening antioxidant’ glutathione, with clinically proven results to suppress the formation of melanin. But we lose glutathione daily, especially when we have unhealthy meals and pressures.

Take two packs of SuperWhite daily, once in the morning and once at night. It helps retent our Glutathione and brighten the skin.

Multiple skin brightening & moisturising ingredients

Moreover, SuperWhite has Acerola Cherry, Hyaluronic Acid and orange etc., they work in sync in our body to antioxidize and moisture the skin.