Glutathione (GSH)

Glutathione (GSH)

Healthy and dark skin has no effect on health, but many women still pursue whitening and brightening, hoping to have a rosy and even skin tone. It's a pity that there are always times when we lose our control. Physical or external factors suddenly cause pigmentation on the face. How can we restore brighten & white skin tone? Glutathione is a natural antioxidant component of the human body, which helps to inhibit the formation of melanin. One pack of "Yinde Whitening Injection" SuperWHITE C+per day can replenish glutathione and whiten the skin anytime!

Why does the skin darken, darken, and develop spots?

The formation of hyperpigmentation is due to the body's melanocytes producing too much melanin, which can be stimulated for the following reasons:

UV radiation – activates melanocytes in the skin
Hormonal changes – women are more likely to develop pigmentation during pregnancy
Injured or inflamed skin – after a pimple breaks out, squeezing the inflamed area with your hands may leave dark acne marks
What is glutathione?

Glutathione (Glutathione) can be referred to as GSH for short. It is a protein with a very small molecule (molecular weight is 307g·mol⁻¹). Peptide is an important element that our body is born with, and it is also the key to regulating physiological functions. In the structure of glutathione, the first peptide bond is different from ordinary peptide bonds. It is composed of the γ-carboxyl group of glutamic acid and the amine group of cysteine, and the sulfur on the intermediate cysteine The hydrogen group (-SH) is a main functional group. Such a perfect arrangement structure makes glutathione not only have the functions of adjusting body constitution and beautifying the skin, but also synergize with vitamin C and E to increase the anti-oxidation effect, reaching 1 +1 is far greater than the effect of 2!

Glutathione exists in two forms in the body, namely the reduced GSH form and the oxidized form GSSG (also known as glutathione disulfide), because the body has "glutathione reductase (GR )”, GSH can freely transform into two types, continuously synergize with vitamin C and E, and is not easy to be exhausted, but with age, stress or other environmental factors, glutathione will still be gradually lost. Therefore, how to obtain easily absorbed glutathione from food has become an indispensable part for modern people to maintain health and spring beauty.

What is the function of glutathione? The secret weapon for beautifying beauty and maintaining health

Efficacy 1: against melanin

Glutathione has a comprehensive whitening mechanism, which can inhibit melanin production and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Efficacy 2: rosy and good complexion

The effect of glutathione itself has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can assist vitamin C and E to promote the production of collagen and double the antioxidant effect, so as to smooth the skin wrinkles and make it more delicate and smooth. Even without makeup, it can also Maintain a sparkling good complexion.

Efficacy 3: Help sleep

Modern people are under a lot of pressure and have abnormal life schedules, which can easily affect the quality of sleep and lead to lack of energy and listlessness at work. And glutathione can help you fall asleep, not only can develop a good complexion, but also refreshed after waking up!

Efficacy 4: Strengthen metabolism

Glutathione boosts metabolism and helps the body stay healthy while looking good.


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