Collagen for new mums - Preventing post-partum stretch marks & loose skin

Collagen for new mums - Preventing post-partum stretch marks & loose skin

Collagen, an essential protein component in our body, loses at a rate of 6% a year after the age of 25. Losing collagen impacts new mums during and after pregnancy too! Supplementing collagen in time after giving birth could prevent the formation of stretch marks and boost the body’s metabolism for skin renewal - enhancing skin’s elasticity, radiance and feeling plumped.

A common issue for new mums is stretch marks around the belly area - During breastfeeding, milk production and enlarged breast cause the skin to be stretched and expanded. Yet after weaning, the underlying ligaments start to shrink and the breast might look less firm and loose. This is where supplementing collagen and proper breast care would help ease the problem.

Collagen makes up 30-40% of the whole-body protein content and is the main component of our dermis, contributing to the development of skin, muscles, bones, teeth, eyes and more. As you can now guess - it is the loss of collagen that causes our dry and dull skin! Ingest collagen and wrinkle-reducing skincare into your daily routine could lessen the appearance stretch marks and saggy breasts.

SuperRed Collagen includes core natural antioxidant ingredients, these red superfoods are the ideal anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle ingredients that are rich in nutrients. Studies have found collagen hydrolysate help to improve cell regeneration, strengthen skin elasticity and keep the skin moist and plumped.

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