Eating too much dessert will accelerate aging

Eating too much dessert will accelerate aging

Skin becomes dry, sagging, rough? There are three major reasons for skin aging, including UV rays, free radicals and glycation!

The combination of sugar and collagen in the body will cause collagen to change and break, and finally cause the skin to lose moisture, luster and elasticity.

Processed sugars are more difficult to metabolize than sugars in other foods, such as milk tea, desserts, and sugary drinks! The inability to metabolize sugars combine with proteins to produce a brown protein in the body, and finally produce "AGEs" (Glycation End Products).

Once formed, AGEs are difficult to decompose and metabolize, and will continue to accumulate in the body. The saccharified collagen will make the skin look dull and yellowish, and it is also prone to stains and pigments.

To prevent the skin from being glycated, you can start from the following aspects:

1/ Control sugar intake
Avoid processed sugars and prefer foods that are low in GI and rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

2/ Maintain exercise habits
If the intake of sugar can rely on exercise metabolism, it will not destroy the collagen in the body. If you are a sweet food fan, you better develop the habit of exercise to maintain the balance of sugar in the body.

3/ Replenish collagen
Avoid over exposure to UV rays, and you can replenish collagen inner by drinking SuperRed Collagen, having enough collagen and hyluronic can restore elasticity and plumping of skin.