Fruit juice might be the reason why you overweight?

Fruit juice might be the reason why you overweight?

It is a real challenge to strike a balanced diet and personal well-being in today’s hectic lifestyle. Particularly for the daily intake of fruits and veggies, though it is advised that we should have two portions every day, a lot of us tend to go for fruit juices instead. Yet, fruits and fruit juices aren’t the same and could possibly be a burden to our bodies.

Fruits are a rich source for water-soluble fiber, natural fructose, and other vitamins - our body needs a period of time to digest and absorb all of these, allowing fructose to enter the bloodstream. When the body slowly absorbs these sugars, it is also consuming our body’s energy to process which helps stabilize our blood sugar level.

The whist fiber in fruits are good for our body, most of them have been removed in the process of juice making. Similar to honey or added sugar, fructose is a type of free sugar. The absence of fiber means fructose can be absorbed by our body at a faster rate, causing a sudden rise in blood sugar. In the long-term, this could increase the risk of alarming health issues such as diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease. To add, studies found that drinking fruit juice would not make us eat less of other food that day, bringing a higher chance of exceeding calorie intake that would lead to weight gain.

Though fruit juices might contain antioxidants and other minerals, it is definitely healthier eating whole fresh fruit. Not only does fresh fruit contain 35% less sugar, but the water-soluble fibers could also help with digestion and manage blood sugar and cholesterol.

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