High carbs or high calories diet more worse?

High carbs or high calories diet more worse?

Going to the gym and following a strict diet? Do you know some of the high calories food can help build up muscles and provide the body with a feeling of saturation?

In the contrast, some of the carbohydrates food is lacking nutritious, and it speeds up the level of blood sugar.

High calories healthy food

Nuts and avocado are categorized as high calories food, they contain "good fat", fibre and nutrition. This type of food helps to gain weight in a more healthy way.

As you will feel saturated after eating nuts/avocado, in other words, you will eat less in the next meal.

High carbohydrate food brings up the level of blood sugar

Carbohydrates are converted into glucose to provide energy after being absorbed by the body, which increases blood sugar and produces insulin. Insulin will store excess blood sugar energy into fat cells, so body fat will increase.

There are three types of Carbs, including Starch, Sugar and Fibre.

Starch - bread, rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes and etc. It doesn't have high nutritional value generally.

Sugar - Including carbonated drinks, sweets, and processed and refined foods. It will make the skin's collagen tissue fragile and accelerate aging.

Fibre - like whole wheat, oats, quinoa and kale etc. Fibre can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

Choose the right food

Stay away from "bad fat" and "bad carbohydrate" is beneficial to the body.

Superfood Lab's SuperHot has a patent ingredient to help decrease 20% of calories and 50% of carbohydrates per meal.

So that you can easily filter out a certain proportion of unwanted calories and carbohydrates.