Sit all day in the office? You need SuperGreen!

Sit all day in the office? You need SuperGreen!

By sitting all day, not drinking enough water and not consuming enough fibers, the movement of the digestive system will be slow down, which leads to a higher chance of constipation.

  • You have not had a poo at least 3 times per week

  • The poo is often large, hard and dry

  • You are straining or in pain when you have a poo

Constipation causes the body wastes to stay in the digestive system, it interrupts other body organs. There are higher risks leading to diseases, including colorectal cancer, liver disease, haemorrhoids, pimples and dull skin.

Bad habits can lead to constipation:

  • Consume not enough water

  • Consume not enough fibers

  • Emotions

  • Not enough exercises

A bottle of SuperGreen includes the equivalent of 1~2 kg of fruits and vegetables. Consuming enough fiber stimulates the activity of intestinal bacteria to maintain gut health. SuperGreen is also infused with integrated probiotics, it enhances the gut's movement and maintains the routine of pooing.