Top 4 Reasons to Go Dairy Free

Top 4 Reasons to Go Dairy Free

There are so many different substitutes to dairy products, who says you can’t live without eggs and milk? Check out the incredible benefits of a dairy free diet now!

  1. Clearer Complexion and Definition

Milk contains allergens. Without knowing, it can cause inflammation to your sensitive skin. Moreover, there are hormones in milk, which causes the production of oils that clog pores; this is when your skin acts up.

  1. Anti-aging?

The sugar in dairy products could trigger inflammation and break down of collagen and elastin. So going dairy free can give you clearer skin and a more youthful complexion!

  1. Better digestion

You might not know it, but you might be lactose intolerant to some degree. Some study says that we are not dependent solely on our mother’s milk anymore, so we naturally lose lactase – the enzyme needed to digest lactose in dairy milk – causing indigestion.

  1. Reduced Risk of Cancer

Many researches and studies have shown the linkage between dairy consumption and cancer. Most proved a direct correlation between dairy intake and several hormone-related cancers such as ovarian and prostate.