What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt is an unrefined, raw, unprocessed salt that is “HAND-MINED” from salt caves formed almost over 250 millions years ago. The ocean salt settled through various spots around the world known as “pockets” and caves, this produced the raw, unprocessed salt in it’s most natural form.

So how is it better?

Most of the world thinks of salt as a scientific, “Sodium Chloride” which means refined, processed white substance which lacks nutrients or as we know it- table salt. Regular Table Salt is so nutrient free that in fact in early 20th century, doctors noticed that people who ate white table salt started to suffer chronic degenerative diseases.

How do I implement it into my diet?

Our advice is simply replace the junky processed salt in your diet with full-spectrum salt such as the Pink Himalayan Salt. This will help you stop eating unhealthy snacky salty chips and processed canned soups which is filled with unhealthy salt. Start eating fresh juice smoothies and homemade cuisine made with full-spectrum salt.

The benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt include:

  • Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning

  • Promoting stable pH balance in the cells, including the brain.

  • Encouraging excellent blood sugar health

  • Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging

  • Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation

  • Promoting the increased absorption capacities of food elements within the intestinal tract

  • Aiding vascular health

  • Supporting healthy respiratory function

  • Lowering incidence of sinus problems, and promoting over-all sinus health

  • Reducing cramps

  • Increasing bone strength

  • Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns

  • Creating a healthy libido

  • Circulator support

  • Promotes kidney and gall bladder health when compared to common chemically-treated salt