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Shelled Whole Almonds (raw)

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Country of Origin: USA

Unit Size: 180g

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Almonds are loaded with protein, vitamin E, dietary fiber and powerful antioxidants. The healthy fats helps to maintain a healthy heart, good hair and skin.

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Almonds Nutrition Facts

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Raw Almonds is great for your cardiovascular health, blood sugar and even body weight. Raw Almonds can be one of your low carb choices that save you against blood sugar fluctuations, and help sustain your energy levels against diabetes. Unpasteurized for maximum vitality, freshness and nutrient quality

- Balance blood sugar levels
- Aids in weight control
- Contains daily vitamin E requirement
- Lower LDL, the bad cholesterol level
- Helps bone growth and promotes cardiovascular function
- Can provide sufficient energy for the body


Suggested Use: As snacks or as a garnish on salads. Can also be put in trail mixes or granolas, or blend into smoothies, nut butter or nut milk.


Raw Cashew Nuts


Healthy Snacks

A healthy snack from nature, rich in flavor

Nutritious Snack

Almonds are especially good for those concerned about cardiovascular health, blood sugar and weight. If you are a person who often eats sweets, roasted almonds are a low-carbohydrate food and will be an ideal snack for you. It can help you reduce fluctuations in blood sugar levels, help maintain normal energy levels and prevent diabetes.

Optimal Nutrition for Health

- Lowers risk of heart disease
- Lower LDL, the bad cholesterol level
- Control high blood pressure
- Reduce chance of osteoporosis
- Assist in weight loss and reduce body fat in waistline
- Reduce risk of weight gain


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