What's the differences between SuperGreen ph7.3 and SuperGreen Detox?

Both SuperGreen is green juice powder that’s packed with superfood and detoxifying ingredients. Some of the ingredients are different so you can take them to achieve different kinds of effects. 


SuperGreen ph7.3 is good for soothing constipation and helps alkalizing body ph level. 

SuperDetox + Skin Support added herbal medicine to help with liver detox, blood detox and body deep cleanse. 


SuperGreen ph7.3 >> https://www.superfoodlab.com/supergreen-ph7-3/

SuperDetox + Skin Support >>https://www.superfoodlab.com/supergreen_detox/

May I know if the Supergreen is for elder, pregnant and breastfeeding?

All ingredients of SuperGreen are all-natural, this should be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Please consult with your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.

Is it safe or suitable for children?

All ingredients of SuperGreen are natural, this should be suitable to take if children (Ages 3 and older), and we suggest taking half serving.

How come only half bottle full?

The bottle has a weight of 270 g and 300g, and has 30-day supply. Because all the materials have been ground into micro-powders, the concentration factor can double the body’s absorption, and there is a chance that the molecules will feel less due to the fineness of the molecule. Red powder and green powder have different composition and density, so there will be differences.

How long should I drink to see result?

Drink 1 serving of SuperGreen in the morning and SuperRed at night. One course of treatment will last six weeks, and we suggest you have twice treatments for the best result. (The result of the treatment is depending on your body type)

Suggested Use?

SuperGreen & SuperRed
Mix the powder into 1 cup 250ml of water. Stir or shake well. Drink immediately after preparation. Once to twice daily.

Mix the powder into 250ml of soy milk or blend with your regular smoothie. Stir or shake well. Drink immediately after preparation. Once to twice daily.

How many servings in a bottle pack and sachet pack?

Sachet Pack:
1 sachet per day,
1 box for 10 days consumption

Bottle Pack:
1 standard spoon per day
(spoon included in the bottle)
1 bottle for 1 month consumption

How does it taste?

SuperGreen pH7.3 is no added sugar and bland in taste with a taste of lemongrass.
SuperGreen Detox is mint and lime flavor with the natural sweetness of monk fruit.

Where is the place of Origin?

100% made in Australia.

Storage method:

Store it in the refrigerator between 0℃ and 4℃ and consume it within 3 months after opening to ensure the best product quality.
*Note: Package may expand as latent air from the filling process tends to expand over time. This does not affect the quality of the product.

What are the white dots and residues in the powders?

There are plenty of superfood ingredients in the formula, the dots could be probiotics or minerals, also not all the fibers can be dissolved in water, remember to consume all the residues inside the shakes for all the nutrition.

Can I consume it for long term?

Yes, this product is all-natural and we suggest consuming every day for the best result

Can I take it with other supplements?

Yes, this product is natural dietary food powders, it is unlikely to cause overdose on vitamins from food.

Can it be used in hot beverages or baking?

It can be used in hot beverages or baking, however, there will be some loss of heat-sensitive nutrients, like vitamin C, which is sensitive to heat, so break down when heated.

What does it mean by Freeze Drying methods?

Freeze Drying is a Low-temperature drying method that is the most efficient drying methods which help to retain the majority of fruit/ vegetables’ nutrients.