May I know if the SuperRed Anitox is for elder, pregnant and breastfeeding?

All ingredients of SuperRed Anitox are natural, this should be suitable to take if elder, pregnant and breastfeeding. Please consult with your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.

Drink SuperRed Antiox before bed to boost cell recovery since skin rejuvenation is at its peak during night time. Prolonged consumption of SuperRed both day and night will result in a flawless glowing skin!

SuperRed Antiox —【Outer】Anti-aging。Skin Rejuvenation

Is it safe or suitable for children?

All ingredients of SuperRed Anitox are natural, this should be suitable to take if children (Ages 3 and older), and we suggest taking half serving.

How come only have half or even less than half powder inside in the bottle pack?

We use the freeze-dried method to process the ingredients, and the molecules of the ingredients will reduce after the compression process; however, it is normal.

Normally the weight should be 270g even It seem only have half powder inside.

What is 1 plus 1 detox and boost treatment?

Drink 1 serving of SuperGreen ph7.3 in the morning and SuperRed Antiox at night. Once course of treatment will last six weeks, and we suggest you have twice treatments for the best result. (The result of the treatment is depending on your body type)

How to take the SuperRed Antiox?

Mix SuperRed Antiox into 1 cup 250ml of water, Soymilk or Juice. Stir or shake well. Drink immediately after preparation. Once to twice daily.

How many servings in a bottle pack and sachet pack?

Sachet Pack: 1/per day, including 10 individual Sachets.


Bottle Pack: Mix 1 standard spoon (including in the bottle) per day, can take 1 month

How does it taste?

SuperRed Antiox is no added sugar and bland in taste with little bit smell of berry.

Where is the origin place of SuperRed Antiox?

100% made in Australia.