May I know if the SuperSlim Protein is for pregnant and breastfeeding?

All ingredients of SuperSlim Protein are natural, so it is suitable for anyone to drink. However, we would not recommend this product to someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding as meal replacement for weight loss.  Since pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should not be trying to restrict calories as they need the nutrients from their food to feed their growing baby.

How to take the SuperSilm Protein?

Mix 1 sachet (79kcal) of SuperSlim ProteinTM powder with 250ml water or plant based milk. Shake well for about 10 seconds. Drink immediately after preparation.


Lose weight & Muscle Firming: Mix 1 Sachet of SuperSlim ProteinTM before meal to control your appetite and reduce caloric intake.


Enhance Fat Reduction: Mix 2 sachets (158 kcal) of SuperSlim Protrin to repleace 1 meal per day before / after exercise to enahnce the effect of weight loss and muscle building.

I take SuperGreen pH7.3 and SuperRed Antiox every day, Do I need SuperSlim?

Slim Protein is for you to lose fat and build muscle, it totally different with SuperGreen and SuperRed.

How many servings in a bottle pack and sachet pack?

Sachet Pack: 1/per day, including 10 individual Sachets.


Bottle Pack: Mix 2 standard spoon (including in the bottle) per day, can take 1 month

How does it taste?

SuperSlim with cocoa flavor.

Where is the origin place of SuperRed Antiox?

100% made in Australia.