What are features and benefits of SuperWHITE C+?

Carefully selected 5 natural ingredients with high efficacy and targeted skin protection. It only takes 2 easy steps to deliver UV protection, reduce skin darkness and improve complexion.

Step 1: UV protection and brightening with 160% (RDI) high strength Vitamin C per serving derived by orange and acerola cherry to fight against antioxidants and dark spots. Combined with ‘the master of skin whitening antioxidant’ glutathione, clinically proven to suppress the formation of melanin*.

Step 2: retain and replenish long-lasting moisture in the dermal layer by hyaluronic acid. The product is also certified with an Australian GMP to assure good manufacturing process and great quality.

How does SuperWHITE C+ support UV protection?

Prolonged exposure to UV lights without proper protection can cause hyperpigmentation, dark spots and dullness. The formulation contains 160% (RDI) high potency vitamin C to kick away ‘the number one aging enemy – free radicals and strengthen skin defense power, suppress formation of melanin to achieve a brighter and even skin tone.

How does SuperWHITE C+ improve skin complexion by 2 shades brighter in 4 weeks’ time?

Contains ‘the master of skin whitening antioxidant’ glutathione, aka the edible sunscreen with clinically proven results to suppress the formation of melanin*. The supplementation of glutathione 500mg/day for 4 consecutive weeks can improve skin complexion by 2 brighter shades. Enhance skin protection from the inside out to prevent aging problems by UV lights.


Topical skincare products did not show improvement. Is SuperWHITE C+ useful?

Poor skin health may not be able to absorb topical skincare products. The best and easy way to have smooth and plumped skin is to take hyaluronic acid. The unique ‘water-loving’ properties of this ingredient allow water molecules to bind and retain in the dermal layer. It acts as a long-lasting natural moisturizer to keep the skin supple throughout the day. Long term use may also help to strengthen the skin’s moisture-retaining power and restore youthful healthy skin.

What is the taste and how to consume?

Refreshing orange flavor with a light touch of sweetness. Pour the powder directly into your mouth and drink plenty of water. Packaged in single serving sachet packs, easy to carry around for a daily dose of beauty booster.

Is SuperWHITE C+ safe for long term use?

The skin renewal cycle is around 4 to 6 weeks. However, urban people may have a slower metabolism rate. First time usage or looking for quick results, recommended to take the product 2 times daily (day and night) on first 6 weeks of consumption, and reduce to 1 time daily for long term maintenance. SuperWhite C+ contains no chemical ingredients, safe for long term use.

Do I still need to use sunscreen upon the consumption of SuperWHITE C+?

Yes. SuperWHITE C+ is formulated to support skin health from the inside out. It works to inhibit formation of melanin in the body for UV protection to achieve bright and flawless skin. Recommended to choose a suitable sunscreen for topical use according to your daily needs. Apply topically and supplement internally to achieve optimal results.

Is SuperWHITE C+ safe to consume while pregnant and breastfeeding?

Product contains plant based glutathione and hyaluronic acid. Please consult a health professional before use.

Is SuperWhite suitable for vegetarians?

Vegetarian friendly. The product does not contain animal-derived ingredients or additives.

What can I do to maximize and prolong the skin whitening result?

Excessive intake of carbs and sugar from the diet will trigger ‘glycation’ in the body. This reaction reduces the elasticity of skin tissue and accelerate skin aging and inflammation. Recommended to consume SuperHOT to block glucose absorption for the prevention of premature skin aging problems; combine with SuperWHITE C+ for skin whitening and hydration to ensure a prolonged and sustainable result.