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Still recall the 10-year challenge hype earlier? Were you surprised seeing how you have changed over the past 10 years 📷 – in a pleasant or shocking way? To make sure this 10-year challenge is not going to be a challenge anymore, start building the habit of having Superfood Lab’s SuperGreen pH7.3 in the morning, and SuperRed Antiox at night for a daily body purification and detox!

The Superfood Lab team is grateful for having your long-term support, to show our heartfelt appreciation, we are hosting the “Superfood Lab daily purify & repair – no fear of the 10-year challenge, share for more” giveaway! You might have a chance of winning HK$200 reward 💸 by sharing the perks of living a healthy lifestyle with a photo and 50 words!

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Since started drinking SuperGreen, not only did I poo regularly, my skin has been cleared and not having to wear any makeup! SuperGreen contains the nutrients and vitamins of 28 superfoods, backing me up for a healthier self!

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