Hydrolysed Collagen

Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen helps to improve skin quality, but do you know the source, efficacy of the collagen and the proper way to ingest collagen? If you want to maintain youthful and beautiful skin, you cannot be lazy, just continue to look down to deepen your understanding of collagen, and choose the most suitable one from the many collagen products on the market!

What is collagen?

Collagen is a very important protein in the human body. It is a fibril protein and widely exists in many parts of the body, including skin, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, connecting multiple body parts.

Collagen in the skin supports the elasticity of the skin and at the same time locks in moisture. When the skin contains enough collagen, it can maintain the elasticity of the skin, achieve the effect of firming, anti-wrinkle, and lightening fine lines.

How is collagen lost and how is it formed?

The human body naturally synthesizes collagen, but as we age and our metabolism slows down, the amount of collagen synthesized becomes less and less. At the same time, environmental damage, such as ultraviolet rays, or long-term unhealthy and high-pressure living environments can also lead to collagen loss.

The body will synthesize collagen through the two amino acids proline and glycine, and in the process, elements such as vitamin C and copper are needed to promote the synthesis of collagen. On weekdays, you can supplement foods rich in protein and take in different nutrients to help the body form collagen.

How to choose a collagen drink?

It is difficult for the body to absorb macromolecular collagen, so choosing small molecular collagen is more conducive to the body's absorption. The supplementary raw material contains PO.OG special dipeptide collagen, which can be detected on the body after use, which means it can be effectively absorbed.

In addition, collagen products need to be consumed for a long time to effectively maintain the effect. It is best to pay attention to whether the ingredients of the product are all natural, or whether a variety of spices and sweeteners are added, which will increase the burden on the body. Since vitamin C is the core vitamin of collagen, it also plays an important role in the process of synthesizing collagen. It will be more convenient for users if the selected beverage contains vitamin C!

Recommended collagen powder

SuperRed Collagen Super Collagen Red Powder is a unique 5 + 1 powerful skin beautification formula, which contains: collagen, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, vitamin C and various antioxidants. Added nano-hydrolyzed collagen dipeptide PO.OG, the molecular weight is below 3000 Daltons (daltons) to help the body absorb.

The low-temperature cold-drying technology grinds the roots and skins into fine powder, which preserves the original plant enzymes of the food and never destroys the nutrients. A cup of vitamin ACE has all the vitamin ACE needed by the human body for a day. One cup a day can instantly replenish collagen and antioxidant elements needed by the body, and help the skin maintain elasticity and moisture in a timely and long-term manner! And the ingredients are all natural, so you don't have to worry about drinking it every day!


SuperRED Collagen 300g

Main ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, vitamin C, E
Capacity: 300g
Where to buy: Superfood Lab official website, Watsons, Sasa