What is Superfood?

Superfoods are recognized as wholesome nutrient-rich foods with high levels of antioxidants, omegas, trace minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and vitamins...

Ingredients are the KEY!

Superfood Lab specializes in bringing fascinating superfood, natural and organic ingredients, vegetables and fruits, coffee and tea, more beverages, cereals, as well as dietary supplements across the globe to you.

Being Healthy is Fun & Simple!

Being part of a cosmopolitan society, there are many ways to slip into the life of unhealthy eating, drinking and exercising. As busy bees you are exposed to the pollution of the city, and daily bacteria. Indulge in the freshness that The Superfood Lab provides with various ranges to rejuvenate your lifestyle and bring nourishment back into your every day habitual activities. Being healthy should be fun and simple and Superfood Lab is here for that!

  • Pursuit your beautiful and clean eating journey with The Superfood Lab.  

    Pursuit your beautiful and clean eating journey with The Superfood Lab.

    Our production line in Australia is certified internationally, include HACCP/ISO9001/ISO22000/NOP. We are pround of our safe and hygienic practices that you can rely on.
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  • Our Value  

    Our Value

    Our brand “Superfood Lab” emphasizes innovation, production, and a combination of superfood. Superfood Lab believes healthy habits rejuvenates all of us in various parts of our life. Going green gives you the energy you need and provides you with the nutrients to boost your immune system. It sustains your body as a sustainable temple, builds core immunity and keeps your forever young inside out.
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Superfood Lab Ambassadors

From professional yoga instructor, and nutritionist to fitness instructor. They are all Superfood Lab's fond users and brand ambassadors. Knowing the importance of healthy eating, and correct consumption that leads to a healthy body. They believed Superfood Lab's all-natural nutrition supplement can provide a modern lifestyle with a quick and convenient way of needed nutrition.
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Pursuit your beautiful and clean eating journey with The Superfood Lab

We believe you are what you eat, so we strive to keep our ingredients as natural as they can be while being lip-smackingly delicious! By sourcing the freshest and organic ingredients, The Superfood Lab prides itself as being the core clean eating brand; where healthy meets deliciousness with the” World’s Most Amazing Food’.