What's the differences between SuperRed Antiox and SuperRed Collagen?
Both of the SuperReds are berry juice powder that’s packed with antioxidants. Some of the ingredients are different so you can take them to achieve different kinds of effects. SuperRed Antiox improves your blood circulation and gives you a pinky glow to your face. It also helps with cell reproduction and rejuvenation. SuperRed Collagen + Hyaluronic helps with smoothing wrinkles and helps boost collagen production. It also helps your skin to retain moisture and achieve a younger look skin & body.
May I know if the SuperRed is for elder, pregnant and breastfeeding?
All ingredients of SuperRed are natural, this should be suitable to take if elder, pregnant, and breastfeeding. Please consult with your doctor should you have any questions or concerns. Drink SuperRed before bed to boost cell recovery since skin rejuvenation is at its peak during night time. Prolonged consumption of SuperRed both day and night will result in a flawless glowing skin!
Is it safe or suitable for children?
All ingredients of SuperRed are natural, this should be suitable to take if children (Ages 3 and older), and we suggest taking half serving.
How come only half bottle full?
The bottle has a weight of 270g and 300g and has 30-day supply. Because all the materials have been ground into micro-powders, the concentration factor can double the body’s absorption, and there is a chance that the molecules will feel less due to the fineness of the molecule. Red powder and green powder have different composition and density, so there will be differences.
How long should I drink to see result?
4 weeks consecutive consumption has proven to deliver significant skin improvements** Collagen itself starts to show significant positive effects on skin hydration after 6 weeks, and effects on skin wrinkling and elasticity after 12 weeks. Generally, it takes 27-42 days for the skin to renew itself (the newest formed cells to reach the top). This means, it will likely take at least a month before you start to notice any differences, although we often hear of our customers noticing a difference sooner.
How to take the SuperRed?
Mix SuperRed into 1 cup 250ml of water, Soymilk, or Juice. Stir or shake well. Drink immediately after preparation. Once to twice daily.
How many servings in a bottle pack and sachet pack?
Sachet Pack: 1/per day, including 10 individual Sachets. Bottle Pack: Mix 1 standard spoon (including in the bottle) per day, can take 1 month
How does it taste?
SuperRed Antiox tastes like a blend of berry with no added sugar. It’s like berry heaven. SuperRed Collagen and Hyaluronic tastes like strawberry yogurt with a little sweetness of monk fruits.
Where is the place of Origin?
100% made in Australia. Made with 100% natural ingredients.
Is it normal to the powders become clumpy?
All ingredients are natural and without artificial preservative, heat or humidity may cause the powders to become clumpy. Clumping occurs when the hygroscopic ingredients absorb moisture from air sealed in the sachet. This occurs naturally and if there are no visible breakage of the sachet and the product is within the expiry date, the product is safe for consumption. Also, the ingredients of the fruits and vegetables are seasonal and have different mature level by time to time. For example, strawberries are seasonal fruits, and they are all normal in different color tone (dark and light) and sweet and sour flavors. It will not affect its function and utility.
Can I take it with other supplements?
Yes, SuperReds are made with all-natural ingredients. We do not add any medicine inside the formula so it’s safe to mix and match with your diet and your regular supplements/vitamins.
Can I use it in hot drink or baking?
Yes, you can, however some of the nutrients like enzyme, vitamins might be dissolved while heating.
What is the freeze drying method?
Freeze-drying method is preserving fresh vegetables and fruits under low temperatures and dried them to preserve most of the nutrients from the ingredients.
Excessive intake of carbs and sugar from the diet will trigger ‘glycation’ in the body. This reaction reduces the elasticity of skin tissue and accelerate skin aging and inflammation. Recommended to consume SuperHOT to block glucose absorption for the prevention of premature skin aging problems; combine with SuperWHITE C+ for skin whitening and hydration to ensure a prolonged and sustainable result.
Why does the product appear as compressed/clumps instead of powder when newly opened?
The compressed product is caused by the characteristics of the micro-powder. In the process of transportation and storage, the static electricity formed by the friction between the powder particles due to vibration and collision and it causes the adsorption effect. Also, the bag pressure when packaging the product, or it will occur when micro-powder product standing on the shelf and not moving. After shaking, or stirring after open the product can make it loose, and it can be completely dissolved in water. Therefore, it occurs naturally and if there are no visible breakage of the sachet and the product is within the expiry date, the product is safe for consumption.

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