What is ‘super fibre’ PHGG?
Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) is a powerful soluble dietary fibre. When ingested, PHGG becomes a gel-like substance in the digestive system and act as a natural barrier to reduce blood glucose spike by 50% and 20% less calories intake*. It is also an effective supplement to suppress the absorption of unwanted glucose and lipids from carbohydrate, sugar or fat-heavy diets.
SuperHOT contains ‘super fibre’ PHGG, will it cause diarrhea?
No. PHGG contributes to a normal bowel movement without over stimulating the digestive tract. Upon consumption of SuperHOT, some people may experience an increased fecal output frequency which is a normal reaction for excessive body waste and toxin elimination.
How can SuperHOT help to boost your body metabolism to burn fat?
The formulation includes natural fat burning ingredients such as green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones. Both ingredients support the elimination of excess body fluids around the clock and stimulation of thermogenesis to target the unwanted stubborn fat from the belly and waist area.
Extreme dieting is not an option for me, what is an effective diet for weight control?
You may consider the ‘keto diet’! This high-fat, low-carb meal plan has become incredibly popular among celebrities around the world and given rave reviews. The ketogenic diet involves moderate intake of protein and drastic reduction of carbs and sugar with the replacement of high-fat foods, leaving your body in a metabolic state called ketosis to burn fat. It is an effective way for weight control without feeling hungry between meals.
It is difficult to strictly follow the keto diet meal plan when dining out, what can I do?
SuperHOT with [Block + Burn] dual-action helps to control the level of glucose (carbs and sugar) absorption from your everyday and cheat meals. The product is formulated with clinically proven results to reduce blood glucose spike by 50% and 20% less calories intake*. You can still be socially active and stress free to dine out while keeping a keto diet meal plan.
An extreme diet has negatively impacted my skin complexion and elasticity, what can I do?
An extreme diet may help to achieve quick weight loss results, it also has a detrimental effect to skin health, causing a disaster to your appearance. SuperHOT is the answer to your effortless weight control program by reducing blood glucose spike and calories intake without the health damage issues. For best results, combine the intake with SuperWHITE C+ for skin whitening and prolonged hydration. Say goodbye to the dull and dry skin with the support from inside out!
Any risks of side effects?
No. SuperHOT is exclusively formulated with natural and safe ingredients to achieve a sustainable weight control program. The product is also certified with an Australian GMP to assure good manufacturing process and great quality.
Is SuperHOT safe for long term use? Suggested Use?
Yes. The product is formulated with natural ingredients as a daily health supplement. Suggest to consume 2-3 sachets per day, 5-10 minutes before each meal.
What is the taste and how to consume?
Individual sachets with no colour and unflavoured. Easily dissolved into any beverage of your choice and recommended to consume immediately after preparation.
Is SuperWHITE C+ safe to consume while pregnant and breastfeeding?
Please consult a health professional before use.
Is SuperWhite suitable for vegetarians?
Vegetarian friendly. The product does not contain animal-derived ingredients or additives.
Excessive intake of carbs and sugar from the diet will trigger ‘glycation’ in the body. This reaction reduces the elasticity of skin tissue and accelerate skin aging and inflammation. Recommended to consume SuperHOT to block glucose absorption for the prevention of premature skin aging problems; combine with SuperWHITE C+ for skin whitening and hydration to ensure a prolonged and sustainable result.
Why does the product appear as compressed/clumps instead of powder when newly opened?
The compressed product is caused by the characteristics of the micro-powder. In the process of transportation and storage, the static electricity formed by the friction between the powder particles due to vibration and collision and it causes the adsorption effect. Also, the bag pressure when packaging the product, or it will occur when micro-powder product standing on the shelf and not moving. After shaking, or stirring after open the product can make it loose, and it can be completely dissolved in water. Therefore, it occurs naturally and if there are no visible breakage of the sachet and the product is within the expiry date, the product is safe for consumption.

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