Brand Endorser Coffee Lam

Licensed Hong Kong Yoga Instructor

Since 2017 Coffee began taking Superfood Lab's nutritional superfood powders. Continued consumption has helped Coffee maintained firm body and glowing skin. Keeping her body feeling young and energized. It has been 6 years since she first started adding SuperGreen in her diet, now it is an essential part of Coffee's life. All natural body care is what Coffee most affirmed on. As a Yoga instructor, it is essential for Coffee to consume adequate amount of protein and vitamins. This can be achieved by Superfood Lab's all natural vegan protein powder - SuperSlim. Together with all natural SuperGreen to maintain good digestive system. Do you relish Coffee's healthy lifestyle? You can take the first step too!
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Yoga Instructor and Founder of Miga Studio Miffy

As a yoga instructor, Miffy enjoys the interaction with students and loves seeing students keep trying their best to challenge themselves. She also pays great attention to diet and body shape. The improvement of students actually is the motivation for Miffy to improve, learn & grow together! To be convincing, she does her own part and chooses pure natural health care brands. Miffy especially likes to drink a cup of SuperSlim after exercise, which can lose more fat and help your body repairs and muscle firming!
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Healthy Lifestyle YouTuber Michelle Li

Michelle loves healthy llifestyle, pays great attention to exercise and diet. She is very particular about what she eats. After encountering the brand of Superfood Lab by chance, she realized that it is so easy to supplement sufficient nutrients in the diet! Michelle's favorite is SuperRED antiox, she always drink it as a low-calorie afternoon tea. The light natural sweetness can not only satisfy the craving of sweetness, but also a natural supplement for super rich antioxidants. In addition to that, Michelle also loves yoga, she often pair it with SuperGREEN Detox to chieve a better result. Exercise and natural supplements can help improve digestive system, flush the toxins out of the body and get firmming looking figure.
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  • Aerial Yoga Instructor DADA  

    Aerial Yoga Instructor DADA

    An amateur floor and aerial yoga teacher who loves running and fitness believe that different sports can bring numerous benefits to the body. And she can also challenge herself through sports. Dada would encourage those around her to learn about themselves through exercise. To do what Dada likes, she needs a healthy body. Therefore, Dada continues to drink 100% natural Superfood Lab products to support the overall health of the body. Loving yourself starts with loving your body.
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  • Former Synchronized Swimming Team Wynne  

    Former Synchronized Swimming Team Wynne

    A member of the Macau Rhythmic Swimming Team and participated in countless competitions! She also worked as a swimming and fitness instructor. Fate ordered her to practice yoga which became her current job. After practicing yoga, she learned about the impact of food on the body. Starting with SuperWhite, she experienced the skin-brightening and beautifying effects of natural nutritional supplements. She is one of Superfood Lab Big Fans now.
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  • Nature Lover Vincci  

    Nature Lover Vincci

    A nature lover who always embraces the sun and ocean finds beauty everywhere. Never be cracked under pressure as there’s always a way out! At the same time, Vincci pays great attention to exercise and diet. Since she knew Superfood Lab, she has continued to drink Superfood Lab products. Drink SuperGreen in the morning to help purify and detoxify, and drink SuperRed in the evening for anti-oxidant repair. Digestive problems have been solved and blood circulation has been improved.
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  • Perfectionist Kelly  

    Perfectionist Kelly

    A 35+ girl. A perfectionist who loves food and travel while pursuing health and exquisite life❤Superfood Lab only uses the purest natural ingredients and locks the nutrition of nature into dietary supplements, which is just right for her needs.
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  • Yoga Instructor Jing Jing  

    Yoga Instructor Jing Jing

    A full-time yoga instructor, who just wanted to "check in" at first, but after learning yoga, she found that yoga can calm the mind, help to let go of negative emotions, and fill the whole body with positive energy. Ching ching especially likes SuperRed that helps her to get rosy white skin and be energetic from the inside out.
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  • HK Long-Distance Runner Joseph  

    HK Long-Distance Runner Joseph

    A Hong Kong long-distance runner, known as the "God of War", loves marathons and cross-country. Since 2005, he has participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon for 15 consecutive years and has participated in many local and overseas marathons and cross-country races, winning numerous awards. The finisher of the World Marathon Majors, and the overall champion of the 45km Maclehose Trail! With a brilliant record, he recommends drinking a cup of SuperSlim, which is less likely to cause allergy after exercise, which can relieve muscle fatigue after aerobic exercise, promote body recovery and supplement protein.
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  • Aerial Yoga Instructor Sirilux  

    Aerial Yoga Instructor Sirilux

    With a view to helping individuals to strengthen their bodies and find peace of mind through yoga, just like how Sirilux helped herself in the same way, she has decided to pursue a career in Aerial Yoga teaching besides working in the financial field. She also keens on Superfood Lab products, which use low-temperature Freeze-dried Technology to preserve the natural nutrition of vegetables and fruits. Daily intake of sufficient nutrients makes it easier to promote inner peace and harmony between body and mind.
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  • Personal Trainer & Dancer Kenny  

    Personal Trainer & Dancer Kenny

    Kenny graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in musical theater and dance. He has joined the Star Factory and TVB dancing teams. He has worked as a choreographer and trainer for many artists, is now teaching sports in the program "Popular City" and has participated in numerous stage performances. With IPTFA personal trainer and Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 qualifications, he is currently teaching yoga and working as a personal trainer. He likes to drink a glass of SuperGreen Detox every day as he has no regular meals to help the body flush out toxins and protect intestinal health.
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  • Magaret  


    A certified yoga and pilates instructor who believes in the benefits of yoga and pilates and is committed to teaching yoga and pilates. She hopes to continue learning by sharing her practice and supporting others in need. Taking yoga and pilates classes regularly helped her discovered that she could change in major ways – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Just as she drinks SuperGreen and SuperRed, a cup for detoxification and beauty every day, her body and skin have improved. She believes that she can inspire and encourage her students to have changes too.
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