Unique Complex Formula result double up

Superfood Lab dedicated to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of our product to benefit our users. We cautiously selected the ingredients to achieve the synergistic effect between each nutrients in our unique complex formula.

  • Collagen x Vitamin C

    Collagen x Vitamin C

    Collagen helps to maintain beauty and youth, but it turns out that without vitamin C, no matter how much collagen you ingest, the body can only use it as a general protein for nutritional supplements. In the process of collagen synthesis, vitamin C plays an indispensable role. If there is not enough vitamin C, no matter how much collagen intake, it still be futile. After collagen entered the digestive system, it will be decomposed into small molecules of Amino-Acids. It needs the help of Vitamin C to synthesize collagen smoothly! Vitamin C promotes collagen formation, maintains the tightness of cell arrangement and provides antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is important to choose complex collagen products with vitamin C, because it can accelerate the absorption and the result is much more significant!
  • Probiotics x Prebiotics

    Probiotics x Prebiotics

    Probiotics helps to promote digestive health, detox, and enhance body's immunity. They are some beneficial microorganisms for the human body. Prebiotics are the "FOOD" of probiotics. Prebiotics cannot be digested and absorbed by the intestinal system, but they can promote the growth of probiotics in the human body and make them in good condition. Probiotics and prebiotics complement each other, and the intake of both can effectively maximize health benefits.
  • Protein x Protein Enzyme

    Protein x Protein Enzyme

    Protein enzyme helps in disintegrating the polypeptides in the long chain protein into basic unit of amino acids. Amino acids are then readily absorbed by the intestine and reducing episodes of indigestion and relieving gassy stomach.