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SuperDIGEST Probiotics for Kids

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Country of Origin: Australia

Unit Size: 500 mg/capsule, 60 capsules/bottle

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SuperDIGEST Probiotics for Kids is an all-natural, additive-free supplement that comes in a yoghurt flavour that kids love. Taking 2 tablets daily provides a replenishment of 10 billion probiotics, promoting regular bowel movements in children, maintaining a healthy gut, enhancing nutrient absorption, and doubling the immune system's strength!

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SuperDIGEST Probiotics for Kids – the ultimate solution for your child's digestive well-being! Packed with rich probiotics, colostrum, and echinacea, these 2 daily tablets are the key to aiding better absorption and ensuring easy, comfortable bowel movements for your little ones.

Probiotic Powerhouse: Boasting a robust 10 billion high-quality probiotics, our formula works wonders in accelerating intestinal peristalsis and metabolic circulation. This dynamic combination promotes superior digestion and absorption, while also suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. By maintaining the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, we establish a healthy gut environment, making it a breeze for your children to experience effortless bowel movements. Bid farewell to bad bacteria and toxins as our formula improves food digestion, enhances nutrient absorption, and prevents allergic conditions.

Colostrum Goodness: Loaded with natural immunity and growth factors, colostrum takes center stage in providing comprehensive protection for your child's body. Enhancing immune function and supplying essential proteins and calcium for development, colostrum ensures your child's body gets the support it needs for overall well-being.

Echinacea Boost: Strengthen your child's immune health with the added benefits of echinacea. This powerful ingredient reduces the likelihood of illnesses, fortifying your child's constitution and enhancing nutrient absorption. Say hello to healthy development and goodbye to sick days!


Usage Recommendations:
Take 2 tablets once daily before breakfast or crush and mix them with water/milk. Suitable for long-term use.

Recommended for:
Ideal for children aged 1-14, from infants to school-age kids and adolescents, who may be experiencing concerns related to constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, weak immunity, and allergies.


Lactobacillus Rhamnosus / Bifidobacterium Bifidum / Bifidobacterium Infantis / Vitamin Mix (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3) / Colostrum / Dextrose / Microcrystalline Cellulose (Anticaking Agent) / Gum Arabic (Thickener) / Magnesium Stearate (Anticaking Agent) / Echinacea / Yogurt Flavor


1) SuperFood Lab for Kids supplement series is suitable for whom?
Super Smart DHA+: Suitable for individuals aged 1-14, including infants, school-age children, and adolescents, concerned about brain and vision development, focus improvement, and allergies in children.
Super Immune: Suitable for infants, school-age children, and adolescents concerned about immune health and balanced nutrition.
Super Digest: Suitable for infants, school-age children, and adolescents concerned about constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, weak immunity, and allergies in children.
Super Strength: Suitable for children aged 2 and above, focusing on the nutritional needs for growth and development.

2) What form are the SuperFood Lab for Kids products in?
Super Smart DHA+ / Super Immune / Super Digest are chewable tablets.
Super Strength is in the form of gummies.

3) How should the SuperFood Lab for Kids series be consumed?
Super Smart DHA+ / Super Immune / Super Digest should be taken once daily, 2 tablets before breakfast, or crushed and mixed with water/milk. Suitable for long-term use.
Super Strength should be taken once daily, 2 gummies per serving. Suitable for long-term use.

4) What are the flavours of the SuperFood Lab for Kids series?
Super Smart DHA+ is blueberry flavoured.
Super Immune / Super Digest are yogurt flavoured.
Super Strength is strawberry and orange flavoured.

5) How should the SuperFood Lab for Kids series be stored?
Please store the products in a cool and dry place.

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Boost your child's well-being with 2 daily tablets, delivering a potent 10 billion probiotics for regular bowel movements, a balanced gut, and improved natural nutrient absorption!

Cow colostrum and probiotics are great for gut health and overall well-being

100 billion high-quality probiotics

- Boosts intestinal peristalsis and metabolic circulation, enhancing digestion and absorption.
- Prevent harmful bacteria growth, fostering the proliferation of beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut.
- Facilitates effortless bowel movements in children by directly eliminating bad bacteria and toxins.
- Contributes to preventing allergic conditions.

A complex formula enriched with immune-boosting echinacea

- Further enhances overall immune system strength.
- Reduces the chances of children falling ill.
- Builds a robust physique.
- Doubles nutrient absorption, promoting healthier growth and development

  • 100億益生菌

  • Nutrient-rich cow colostrum

  • Echinacea

Enhances intestinal immune function, resolves constipation and irregular bowel movements. Simultaneously, it improves digestion, alleviating issues such as indigestion, bloating, and poor appetite.

Contains immune globulins that increase resistance, promote immune system health, and reduce the development of allergies in children.

Further enhances overall immune system, reduces the chances of children falling ill.
Promotes a robust physique, doubles nutrient absorption, and promotes healthier development.


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