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SuperGREEN pH 7.3

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Country of Origin: Australia

Unit Size: 270g

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Day Time: Drink SuperGREEN pH 7.3 in the morning to support the elimination of body toxins and maintain body pH within the ideal balance of pH 7.3.

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Product Information


Drink SuperGREEN pH 7.3 in the morning and then there will be a Day Time Cleanse in your body. It can support the elimination of body toxins and maintain body pH within the ideal balance of pH 7.3 It is proprietary concentrated formulation.

Detox & Balance Body pH
- 4 Probitoic Blends (Including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium Cultures)
- 3 Prebiotics
- 18 Sources of Alkalizing Ingredients and Greens
- Superfoods X Probiotics X Plant Enzymes
- 25kcal per glass
- 1 glass of SuperGreen = 34 Times PRAL value of Broccoli
- 1 glass of SuperGreen = 2 Cups of milk calcium


Mix with 250ml water, drink with an empty stomach
Mix with 250ml water and juice, drink with an empty stomach
Add into yogurt
Mix with fruit vinegar and water


Coral Calcium / Flaxseed Meal / Spinach / Certified Organic Wheatgrass / Pineapple / Certified Organic Barley Grass / Certified Organic Spirulina / Apple pectin / Natural Lime flavour / Natural Lemon flavour / Potassium bicarbonate / Aloe Vera extract / Kale / Broccoli / Parsley / Alfalfa / Peppermint / Certified Organic Chia Seed / Cucumber / Kiwifruit / Green tea / Lime / Certified Organic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) / Artichoke Extract / Certified Organic Chlorella / Asparagus / Probiotic Culture Blend / Certified Organic Inulin / Lemon / Kelp


1) What's the differences between SuperGREEN pH 7.3 and SuperGREEN Detox?
Both SuperGREEN is green juice powder that’s packed with superfood and detoxifying ingredients. Some of the ingredients are different so you can take them to achieve different kinds of effects.

SuperGREEN pH 7.3 is good for soothing constipation and helps alkalizing body ph level.
SuperGREEN Detox added herbal medicine to help with liver detox, blood detox and body deep cleanse.

2) How long should I drink to see result?
Drink 1 serving of SuperGreen in the morning and SuperRED at night. One course of treatment will last six weeks, and we suggest you have twice treatments for the best result. (The result of the treatment is depending on your body type)

3) May I know if the Supergreen is for elder, pregnant and breastfeeding?
All ingredients of SuperGREEN are all-natural, this should be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Please consult with your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.

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Proprietary Concentrated Formulation

Deep Cleanse & Detox to Alkalize Body pH Level

28 Sources of Alkalizing Ingredients and Greens

With 70+ trace element minerals, only a small amount can already balance the pH.

After 1 day Eliminate Toxins

Toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the body and be eliminated by consuming chlorophyll and minerals. 28 sources of super greens from SuperGREEN pH 7.3 is rich in chlorophyll and alkalizing minerals. Spirulina has a strong ability to reproduce and contains the highest content of chlorophyll in plants, 10 times higher than other green vegetables. Chlorella also has high content of chlorophyll and extraordinary detoxification properties.

After 2 Weeks Maintain Body pH Balance

Alkaline food must account for 70% of the day. This diet can enhance the metabolism and improve skin condition. Everyone tends to be very busy in the modern life, in order to cope into this 70% alkaline diet concept is not as easy as it seems. SuperGREEN pH 7.3 is the perfect solution for busy modern people, each serving contains 28 sources of super alkalizing greens which can easily assist to balance body pH level.

After 6 Weeks Increase Enzyme Activity & Burn Fat

The active ingredients are anti-inflammatory and protect our gut from irritable bowel syndrome caused by stress. In addition, vegetable gum can also help smooth stool and relieve stomach distension. Lignans can enhance the activity of detoxifying enzymes to help the body remove toxins and reduce the risk of cell mutation. Plus, green tea is rich in antioxidant catechins. Studies have shown that it has the effect of burning fat and promoting metabolism.

Freeze drying helps retain nutrients

The root and peel are ground into fine powder with freeze-drying technology, which preserves the original plant enzymes of the food and never destroys the nutritional content.
1 cup = 34 times the pH of broccoli
1 cup = calcium from 2 cups of milk



Toxins accumulated in our body

Modern urbanites eat more meat and less vegetables, and often drink high-sugar beverages and alcoholic beverages. These bad eating habits often make the body acidic, prone to sub-healthy urban diseases such as fatigue and osteoporosis.

6 weeks to regulate body pH level and enhance immunity

SuperGREEN pH 7.3 contains 28 sources of green superfoods. The most popular superfood sources are spirulina, green algae, wheat grass, barley grass, kale and so on. These powerful ingredients can assist the body to eliminate toxins, heavy metals and to maintain the body’s natural pH balance.

  • Certified Organic Spirulina

  • Certified Organic Chlorella

  • Coral Calcium

  • Probiotic Culture Blend

Organic Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria, is known as the most powerful and comprehensive superfood in the 21st century. Its thin cell wall makes it highly water-soluble and digestible with a 95% bioavailable rate. Spirulina can also help balance body pH to an ideal alkaline level (pH 7.3), boost up the immune system and prevent cell mutation.

Organic Chlorella has one of the most powerful detoxification properties. The thick cell wall structure of chlorella is composed of a fine network of cellulose fiber (sporopollenin). It has the ability to firmly bind with toxins, radioactive substances and heavy metals and eliminate them from the body.

Coral calcium contains over 70 kinds of micro minerals with a slightly alkaline pH level (pH 8.6), a small amount can effectively balance pH levels of human body fluids.

Probiotic Culture Blend is containing four types of probiotic. Plant enzymes have the ability to enhance internal body function and metabolism to support weight management and prevent water retention.


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    What is a superfood?​​

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    Our technology

    Superfood Lab's products & production technology include freeze-dried technology, micronization, and cold pressing technology...
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