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SuperIMMUNE+C for Kids

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Country of Origin: Australia

Unit Size: 500 mg/capsule, 60 capsule/bottle

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SuperIMMUNE+C for Kids is an all-natural supplement with a delicious yogurt flavor that dissolves instantly upon consumption. Taking 2 capsules daily supports your child's overall immune system, reducing vulnerability to bacterial infections and promoting healthy growth

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Product Information


Super Immune+C for Kids – the ultimate supplement designed with your child's health in mind! Packed with the powerful trio of colostrum, vitamin C, and echinacea, these tasty tablets are the key to boosting your little one's well-being and fortifying their immune system.

- Colostrum Magic: Formulated with a rich blend of active immunoglobulin IgG, growth factors, and essential vitamins like calcium, our colostrum mirrors the molecular structure of human colostrum. This means it's easily absorbed by your child's body, promoting robust immune health and providing a strong defense against illnesses. Make it a daily ritual for your kids to enjoy better protection and fewer sick days!

- Essential Nutrients: Our Super Immune+C for Kids is a treasure trove of essential vitamins that contribute to balanced nutrition, supporting overall development and fostering a resilient physique. These vital vitamins play a crucial role in dental and bone growth, maintaining immune health, reducing the risk of bacterial infections, and enhancing brain and vision development. Plus, they'll help boost your child's appetite and nutrient absorption – the perfect recipe for a healthy, happy kiddo!

- Echinacea: Say goodbye to sniffles and sneezes! Echinacea, a superhero in our formula, strengthens your child's constitution, fortifying their immunity and acting as a shield against bacteria. It's especially effective in preventing upper respiratory problems and expediting physical recovery. Let your child thrive with reduced sick days and increased vitality!


Recommended Usage:
Take 2 tablets once daily before breakfast or crush the tablets and mix them with water/milk. Our supplements are suitable for long-term use.

Recommended for:
Ideal for children aged 1-14, from infants to school-age children and adolescents, who are concerned about children's immune health and balanced nutrition.


Colostrum / Echinacea / Vitamin C / Vitamin E / Vitamin Mix (Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A,
Vitamin D3) / Dextrose / Microcrystalline Cellulose (Anticaking Agent) / Gum Arabic (Thickener) / Magnesium Stearate (Anticaking Agent) / Yoghurt Flavour


1) SuperFood Lab for Kids supplement series is suitable for whom?
Super Smart DHA+: Suitable for individuals aged 1-14, including infants, school-age children, and adolescents, concerned about brain and vision development, focus improvement, and allergies in children.
Super Immune: Suitable for infants, school-age children, and adolescents concerned about immune health and balanced nutrition.
Super Digest: Suitable for infants, school-age children, and adolescents concerned about constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, weak immunity, and allergies in children.
Super Strength: Suitable for children aged 2 and above, focusing on the nutritional needs for growth and development.

2) What form are the SuperFood Lab for Kids products in?
Super Smart DHA+ / Super Immune / Super Digest are chewable tablets.
Super Strength is in the form of gummies.

3) How should the SuperFood Lab for Kids series be consumed?
Super Smart DHA+ / Super Immune / Super Digest should be taken once daily, 2 tablets before breakfast, or crushed and mixed with water/milk. Suitable for long-term use.
Super Strength should be taken once daily, 2 gummies per serving. Suitable for long-term use.

4) What are the flavours of the SuperFood Lab for Kids series?
Super Smart DHA+ is blueberry flavoured.
Super Immune / Super Digest are yogurt flavoured.
Super Strength is strawberry and orange flavoured.

5) How should the SuperFood Lab for Kids series be stored?
Please store the products in a cool and dry place.

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Boost Your Kids' Day with 2 Tablets for Enhanced Strength and Immunity

Nutrient-Rich Cow Colostrum + Vitamin C

Vitamin C for a Stronger Body and Fewer Sicknesses

- Enhances children's immunity, repelling bacteria
- Boosts children's antioxidant capacity, safeguarding cells from free radical damage
- Promotes healthy development of bones and teeth
- Aids in wound healing and tissue repair
- Reduces the risk of colds and other respiratory infections

Colostrum nutrition helps establish an immune barrier

- Promoting immune health and enhancing resistance
- A robust constitution naturally leads to fewer illnesses
- Providing comprehensive protection for children's health

  • Multiple vitamins

  • Nutrient-rich cow colostrum

  • Echinacea

To enhance children's appetite and absorption, it helps address nutritional imbalances caused by picky eating or a lack of consuming fruits and vegetables. It comprehensively promotes the development of children's brains, vision, and physiques.

Optimizes children's brain development, contains immune globulins, boosts resistance, and reduces the chances of children falling ill.

Enhances physical fitness, strengthens children's immune system, fights off pathogens, reduces the chances of falling ill, especially in respiratory issues, and accelerates the body's recovery.


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    What is a superfood?​​

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    Our technology

    Superfood Lab's products & production technology include freeze-dried technology, micronization, and cold pressing technology...
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